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Don't Try to Fight Your Criminal Charges Alone

Rely on a leading Montclair, NJ law firm for guidance

Facing a criminal charge can be frightening, confusing and overwhelming. You don't need to carry the weight entirely on your shoulders. Turn to the people's criminal law attorney.

A criminal defense attorney from Joseph A. Fortunato Law Offices can help you come to grips with your situation and explore your options. You can count on us to represent your best interests, both in and out of the courtroom.

Get the peace of mind you've been longing for. Schedule a consultation with Montclair, NJ's top criminal defense attorney today. We service clients from the surrounding areas, like Newark, and West Orange.

Visit an Established Immigration Law Firm in Montclair, NJ

Schedule your consultation today to discuss your immigration law needs

Bring your civil issues to our law firm

If you're engaged in a dispute with another person or business, you can get reliable legal guidance from Joseph A. Fortunato Law Offices. We take a variety of civil law cases, including those involving:

Personal injury

Personal injury

Don't struggle to pay for medical debt that's not your fault. Joseph A. Fortunato Law Offices fights for justice for personal injury victims.

Civil rights

Civil rights

Are you the victim of discrimination? Consult a civil rights attorney by calling 973-744-5958 now.

General litigation

General litigation

Are you involved in another kind of non-criminal legal matter? Trust us to represent you in a range of civil litigation.

You don't need to worry about resolving this situation on your own. Discuss your concerns with a dedicated attorney today.

Is bankruptcy the solution to your financial woes?

Some people see bankruptcy as a dreaded last resort. But bankruptcy law exists to help people out of dire and unmanageable financial situations. A bankruptcy law firm can:

  • Clarify the types of debt you can discharge through bankruptcy
  • Decide which type of bankruptcy is best for you
  • File bankruptcy paperwork and represent you in court

Work with an attorney who has years of bankruptcy law experience. Call our law firm in Montclair, NJ today.

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